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    初二优秀英语作文精选Telephone Booth

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      初二优秀英语作文精选Telephone Booth

      Frank has just got off the train in the evening.He wants to call one of his friends to pick him up at once.He looks for a while and at last finds a telephone booth.But when he gets there, he sees a lady already in.There are no other public telephones nearby,so he has.to wait. He waits and waits.The lady on the phone is just talking andlaughing.She seems as if she doesn't notice Frank. After about half an hour,the lady puts down the receiver.Frank feels a bit released. She is finished finally,he thinks. But to his surprise,the lady picks it up again,fishes a coin from her pocket and pushes it into the slot."Oh, no!"Frank says to himself."She is making another call."

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