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      I have a puppy, and I love it very much. Its black eyes are like two black gems, and its fur is like a blanket, and its four legs are like four furry little pillars, and its tail is shaking and it seems to be waving to you.

      Because I called the jingle, so my mother wanted to give it a small buzz, but I do not agree, I give it a little name, because I think it is good every day.

      It is very naughty, when we go out to eat, it is always guilty of trouble, trouble, it jumped on the sofa mess, but also the newspaper, napkin tear all over the floor are. When I came back, I saw the ground mess, I was angry, and ignore it. It is also aware of their mistakes, and rushed to my knees, as if to shed tears, said: "Master, forgive me!" I see it so poor, forgive it.

      My dog is really cute and naughty ah!


      I have a dog.She is not only my pet,but also my friend. She is very lovely with a beautiful face.When I feed her, ahe always wags her tail to me.Besides, she can understand me very well.When I'm happy, She feels happy too. But When I'm unhappy, She seems to be sad.When I'm in trouble, she always helpsme.

      We are friendly to each other.


      Wild yak is also named wild ox, and the Tibetan pronunciation is Yagui, which is of the same species with domesticated yak. As a typical alpine animal which can endure extreme cold, it is a first class national protected animal unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Located in Qinghai, Tibet, southern Xinjiang, northwestern Gansu, western Sichuan and other places. It inhabits the alpine meadow strips at an altitude of 3000-6000 meters, inaccessible mountains and large peaks, mountain basins, alpine grasslands, alpine deserts, etc.

      he 初中优秀作文

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