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      Many people like to keep a kind of animal as a pet ,such as dogs,cats,birds,and so on .They put so great enthusiasm on them that some pets are treated like their family members.

      A good relationship between people and pets can be very comfortable.They are loyal audiences of you ,while you have something can't tell any one else.They occuppy the loneliness ,cure your pains,make anxious hearts return to peace and innocence ,some pets even can help to cure some mental disease.that's the advantages of keeping an pet.

      However ,pets are often expensive,to feed them would even cost more .Too much money spend on pets are more or less a little improper while there are so many starving people in this nation.

      Some dangerous pets are a menace to their owners ,even a dog attack people sometimes,things could be worse if they carrying some fatal virus.That's the disadvantages of keeping a pet.


      As for me, I think pets are very useful.

      Firstly, it is good for culturing people's love and sense of responsibility. Keeping a pet, you must feed it. Several times a day, in that case, you will feel it is your duty.

      F, pets could be a faithful friend, and playing with it will bring one happiness.

      In, the phenomenon of the empty nest old can easily be found anywhere in our daily life. In the case, I think keeping a pet could remove their loneliness, even though at their children's absence.

      Advantages and disadvantages of keeping pets

      In the West,many families like to keep a pet.We may be surprised at the amount of money they pay in terms of pets’ food or medical treatment,etc.Keeping a pet,indeed,has many advantages.

      I have two main reasons for my argument.First of all,pets can be good companions,which is especially important for those who live alone and the old who can not get out much.What they get from the pets is not only hours of amusement but also loyalty.Some pets can even protect the house from thieves.Secondly,taking care of a pet also helps children to be responsible and caring members of the society.A child who learns to be very sensitive to the feelings of a pet can be expected to have positive attitudes to other people and life.

      However,some others would argue that pets are dirty or dangerous.But I believe it is not that pets themselves are to blame,but their owners.If the owners train their pets properly and take very good care of them,they are unlikely to get dirty or become aggressive.

      To sump up,there are surely more advantages than disadvantages to keeping a pet,especially for those lonely and young.Money spent on the special food for pets or the high fees paid for pets’ medical treatment is not a waste.

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